What’s the Word: Choice

Dear Readers,

Let me preface this by saying that I am no seer. I cannot know what is to come, but never have I been so torn between survival and duty. As odd occurrences rise throughout the land and faces are fading from the crowds, I can’t help but struggle with the knowledge I have gained through months of obsessive research of the past and strangely linked present events. What would become of me if I refused to fade? Continue reading


The Five Elemental Crystal Festival.

Though we are on the brink of cataclysm, all hope shall not be lost! The crystals have resurfaced from the their sleeping depths and await to be collected! Much as in the past, once again the denizens of Mystara shall bring these shards of crystals together to restore Balance in a crystal reforging ceremony to be held on March 7th.

To ring in this grand event, there will be a festival and tournament! Many businesses and various groups of Mystara are wanted to host activities And Every denizen is invited into attendance! All five elements will be represented this day, in hopes to fuel the ritual into a successful reuniting of the planes to restore balance!

Event to be held in Stromness Field on Saturday, March 7th.
Festivities to start at 10 am.
Tournament to be held at 1pm.
Final Ritual to Commence at 6pm.

Please do your part to Restore Balance,
Jens, Owner of Chimera Magic Shoppe.

((Article by Jens.Ixchel))

Bound to Please – Volumes of Love A Success

Romantic music, candlelight, heavily curtained privacy and numerous entreaties from Mystaran citizens helped to rate the year of 1355 as one of the most prolific years ever for Magical books. The books were in full courtship mode all week with nervous fluttering and cooing sounds echoing throughout the Shop and some visitors felt uncomfortable venturing into darkened corners. Many came to entreat the books and offer gifts, among them were Krastor De’Guisarme, Thrace, Clover, Lady Helena DiMiro, Coinneach Macoul, and Ginia aka “Jugs” Darkfoam. All entreaties were heard and addressed in the plethora of books which began appearing late on Saturday night and well into the early morning hours on Sunday. Continue reading

Monday 23rd- Chimera Event and Closing

On Monday 23rd between the hours of 1 to 9 pm,  Stromness Town Square will come alive with the oddities and wonders of magic!  All within the realm is invited out to this Service Extravaganza hosted by the Chimera! This extraordinary event will also mark the last day that the Chimera’s Full Service including custom orders will be available. More about this at the bottom.

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Help from Lady Halei: Scared Sleepless

Lady HaleiHave your daily troubles gotten out of hand? Do you need advice from someone who can fix every problem you’ve ever had? Lady Halei is ready to guide you in the right direction. Whether it’s a case of the boils or a cross-race relationship, she’s got all of the answers you’ve been looking for.

Dear Lady Halei,

I’ve recently married a wonderful woman who makes me very happy.  Neither of us are young, and both have been married before; my first wife died many years ago, but her previous husband is more recently deceased.  This is no bother to a man in his later years, but there is one thing that concerns me.

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Letter to the Tribune: Fur Ball Flirting?

A letter as well as lovely fish was left on the Tribune desk with some interesting and scandalous news. It is printed in part below. At the Tribune, half are arching brows in disbelief while the other half of us can’t stop giggling at the idea of such an unlikely couple. It’s that mating time of year, though, so it’s nice to see royalty in the spirit! Continue reading